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Firewood Studio

About the Artist Ed. Twilbeck
Carved Jewelry
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About the Artist Ed. Twilbeck
One of a Kind Items

I am a retired Assistant Fire Chief from the Ocean Springs Fire Department. I am a self taught woodworker and carver who has designed and built most of the furniture for use in our home.
I take wood that is for the firewood pile, carve, turn or build an artistic item with it.
I design and build small boxes, some turned, some carved, some custom made.
I am a self taught wood artist.
The works that I do are "most of the time" one of a kind. Working with the wood I look for the beauty in the grain, and design the item with that in mind.
As of Aug 29, 2005 I can only do wood carving. Hurricane Katrina flooded my studio, and I lost my power tools. I have most of my carving tools and some basswood . For any of the Items you see on my site please email me for information.

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I have been wood working and turning since the 60's and carving since the 70's. I enjoy all wood working, but carving, is what I love to do. Finding that piece of wood with an object of beauty in it, for me to carve, and finish it for others to see and enjoy.
Some of my carvings and turnings are from wood that could be found in the firewood pile.
I look to use as much of the natural beauty of the wood grain, knots, and natural coloring that nature provides.
My carvings are finished with oils and waxes.
I have used new and old ways of finishing them.
Boxes, both turned and cube, are designed for the natural beauty of the wood.
My furniture is always a one of kind, and is designed for the beauty of the wood to shine through.

Click on my email address and send me your comments, I will be happy to answer.

Firewood Studio Ocean Springs Ms. 39564